Why Leave Waco?

Over the past 43 years I have tried to leave Waco, but yet it keeps drawing me back in. I’ve gone to Dallas, Ft Worth, Austin, Houston, even Billings, MT and Boise and Mountain Home, ID to get away. But here I am.

I’ve never been really keen on the weather in these parts. (I’m a real wuss when it comes to “severe” storms. I’d hide in the basement if I had one.) So for that reason alone I’ve considered moving away. My parents (90 and 93) are still kickin’, very slowly, in a nursing home, but here. I’m their support team. I can’t leave them.

I’ve met some inspiring people in the area, awesome groups and organizations along the way: a Christian organization whose goal is the ” alleviation of hunger around the world”; a group whose intent is “to create a safer environment for abused children”; a group that “make the Christmas wishes come true for the children of Central Texas whose parents are serving time in prison”. The list goes on. Waco has some great people. I don’t see or talk to them all on a daily or even weekly basis, I do see postings on FaceBook and try to keep up.

I have a mobile business centered in Waco, which goes to various events and functions throughout Texas, fundraisers at various American Legion Posts, for Fort Hood, the Waxahachie community, toy runs, just for fun events and motorcycle rallies.

I’ve been on or around motorcycles since I was 16 (that seems like a very long time ago, a little more than those 43 years in and out of Waco). My motorcycle experience, starting in Arizona to Idaho, Sturgis and Texas, includes working at events as an employee, promoter, volunteer or vendor, riding on the bike with my late husband, to a group ride with old friends to the fair. I’ve seen some of the meanest people and some of the kindest people during my time around bikes. I’ve met folks from Cali to Washington / Idaho, from Iowa to Virginia and of course many from all parts of Texas. I’ve never lost my faith in the kindred spirit of folks that ride, no matter what organization or club there is one thing that binds us all: we like to ride, we like to feel the wind in our hair (or no hair as the case may be).

I was on the premises of a melee in the 80’s near Houston where there was a shooting and cops in riot gear guarding hospital entrances. ALL of the ‘witnesses’ were not taken to jail. My memory may fail me but aside from the participants of the fight (only the 2 clubs involved) no one other than the promoter (not any employees) went to jail; and even then he was only in jail for part of the night. So why then are so many people in jail in Waco?

Now again I find myself asking why would I want to remain in Waco? A city that has had some challenges with image. There was a time in the 90s that I would hesitate to say I was from Waco. I hated all the questions and the jokes. Today, while visiting friends 850 miles away from Waco, I hesitate to say I’m from Waco. But then today it’s not just image as a challenge it is weather. So then why should I remain in Waco?


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